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What Determines the Quality of a Street LED Solar Light

We all know that a complete set of a street LED solar light consists of 5 major components, which are light poles, light sources, batteries, solar panels, and controllers. In addition, ground cages, wires, and solar panel brackets are needed. In solar light online shopping, you should know whether the street LED solar light system is good or not. We can judge according to the street LED solar light battery components and their light sources and controllers.


1. The light source of the street LED solar light


The luminous efficiency of LED lamp beads used in street LED solar light is very important. Although some LED lamp beads can reach a certain wattage, they often fail to achieve the luminous effect. Choose good LED lamp beads and good lamps. Beads can improve light efficiency, reduce light decay with higher color rendering properties. The radiator of the street LED solar light source is an important factor to increase the service life of the LED light source and reduce the light attenuation. If the heat dissipation is poor, the service life of the light source will be greatly shortened.


2. Solar panels for the street LED solar light


The quality of street LED solar light solar panels is hard to tell from the naked eye, but we can check its sealing condition, process details, as well as the thickness of the tempered glass and the quality of the aluminum frame. Some unscrupulous merchants will use inferior quality in order to save costs. The toughened glass and thin aluminum frame are used as fixing devices for the solar panels. Such street LED solar light solar panels are often easily damaged during transportation and poor to resist hail and rainwater, so we must pay attention to these in solar light online shopping.


3. Controller of the street LED solar light


The street LED solar light controller is a small accessory, but its function is equivalent to the brain. The quality of the controller directly affects the work of the solar street light, and even affects the service life of other accessories. During the maintenance process, the controller has a higher probability of problems than other accessories. The quality of street LED solar lights is determined by its configuration. We are not choosing solar lights online without a purpose. We must carefully check the quality of each configuration to ensure that street LED solar lights can be used normally.

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