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What Needs to Be Considered when Designing Solar Park Light?

I. Understand solar park light


Where there is a need to protect the environment or parks, when lighting is required at night, when a natural lighting system is required. When this is the case, the use of solar park light eliminates trenching, cable routing and any other work that could interfere with the soil structure. Solar park light is designed for areas where aesthetics and light structure are important. The eco-friendly working mechanism of solar park light allows its use in these places and other recreational areas. At night, you can use solar park light to illuminate paths, lawns and benches in the park. Solar park light not only helps residents' activities at night, but also enhances the appearance of the park. So what needs to be considered when designing solar park light?


II. What should be considered when designing solar park light?


1. Aesthetics. The aesthetics of solar park light is reflected in the design of the lighting and power supply. It is designed in such a way that obstacles to bird movement and exposure to dust or dirt are minimized. Aesthetics can also be achieved through the perfect match between the type of finish, rod and structural coating and the environment. Most solar park lights come with decorative designs depending on your style needs.


2. Height. The height of the solar park light is determined by the area that needs to be illuminated. For example, if you want to light a path in a park, the height will be shorter than the height used to light the entire park.


3. Light source. Although the brightness of the light depends on the height of the pole, you can still achieve the desired level of lighting at any height. This requires some professional calculations, starting with the areas that need to be visible, then choosing the light source, keeping in mind the high luminance ratio. Want to find solar led parking lot lights for sale? Anern would be your best choice!

For maximum efficiency and cost savings, solar park light comes with LED fixtures and solar panels. The use of LEDs and high pressure sodium lamps is associated with cost savings as they can produce bright light without consuming too much power.

Calculations are required to avoid light pollution or spillage. After figuring out the area you want your solar park light to illuminate, you'll need the help of motion sensor technology to control the light's brightness based on the constraints you set.


4. Installation. solar park light should be easy to assemble and install. Components should be easily replaceable to reduce the cost and time of repairs and maintenance. Also, solar park light should allow customization in case you need to change bulb type, bulb intensity, bulb shade or pole height.


5. Battery. When using batteries in solar park lights in extreme temperature areas, pay attention to how they perform at high or low temperatures. When choosing a battery for a solar light, not only performance at extreme temperatures must be considered, but depth of discharge (DoD) must also be considered.

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