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What Should We Do When Smart Solar Street Light Encounters These Issues?

Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, with maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed storage batteries (gel batteries) storing energy. Ultra-bright LED lights are used as the light source, which is controlled by an intelligent charging and discharging controller, used to replace traditional electric lighting street lights.

Introduction to smart solar street light

In order to prolong the service life of the battery, it is necessary to charge it under its discharge conditions to prevent overcharging and deep charging of the battery. When there is a large local temperature difference, the qualified temperature control equipment should have the counting function. The smart solar street light control equipment should combine the control function, optical function and control function, and automatically control the load at night to extend the operating time of rainy day street lights and ensure the year-on-year growth rate. As smart solar street light enters the market and continue to be used, what should we do when many problems arise?

Problems and solutions faced by smart solar street light

  • The entire lamp is not lit. When smart solar street light is used for outdoor lighting, they often encounter high temperature rainy days and low temperature rainy and snowy weather. However, the solar street light controller is usually installed on the pole, which can easily cause water to enter and short-circuit the controller. First, observe whether there is water and rust on the controller terminal. If the controller is highly likely to be damaged, the battery voltage will not be measured again. For example, in a 12V solar street light power supply system, if the battery voltage is lower than, the battery has no energy storage and needs to be replaced. Then check whether the foldable solar cell panel has voltage and current output in normal working condition. Replace if there is damage to the rigid battery panel. If there is no problem with the above situation, check the light source, only power the light source to see if it is lit. If it is not lit, replace the light source.

  • Short lighting time and short rainy days. This is usually due to the decrease in energy storage capacity and insufficient energy storage of the battery. Replace a reasonable battery.

  • The smart solar street light source is not fully lit. Many solar street lights use dot matrix LED light sources. In addition to the quality problems of LED light sources, some lamps are not properly welded. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp beads, firmly weld them, or replace the entire street light head.

In many practical applications, solar energy cannot meet the needs of normal lighting in many places, especially during continuous rainy days and insufficient lighting in winter. In addition to using inferior related components, another major reason is the blind reduction of component costs, failure to design and configure according to requirements, and reducing the use standards of battery panels and batteries. Therefore, when purchasing the smart solar street light, choose suppliers with guaranteed quality.

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