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Home Energy Storage System

Home solar energy storage system for sale

The home energy storage system can use solar energy or city electricity for charging. The output power is 1KW~2KW. The system integrates solar charge controller, system controller and inverter, lithium battery and lithium battery dedicated management system—BMS in one. It effectively uses the energy storage system to convert clean, environmentally friendly renewable energy into household electricity.


What are the characteristics of a home battery storage system

  • The solar energy of the home battery storage system is complementary to the city power, and when the solar energy is insufficiently charged, it will automatically be converted to the city power to supply power to the load, which has a very high power supply guarantee rate;
  • The home battery energy storage system can set up solar power generation and mains priority power supply mode;
  • The solar controller has MPPT function, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 98%;
  • The battery storage system for home is pure sine wave output and has low working noise, high conversion efficiency, and strong load capacity;
  • Touch screen settings, user-friendly man-machine interface display: Users can intuitively display the operating status of the solar energy system through the LCD screen;
  • Intelligent lithium battery management system: Proprietary active equalization technology, high-precision voltage collection to ensure the consistency of battery cells;
  • Home energy storage system adopts humanized alarm function and perfect online protection function to ensure the safe operation of the system in use.


What are the advantages of a household battery storage system

  • The household battery storage system has the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, good temperature characteristics, and excellent safety performance.


  • The home solar storage system effectively uses the energy storage system to convert clean, environmentally friendly renewable energy into household electricity.


  • The home power storage system has the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, and stable power supply, especially the use of lithium batteries as the carrier of power storage, which significantly prolongs the service life of the battery.


The solar storage system for home is suitable for energy shortage areas in the field to relieve the pressure on the power grid; it is suitable for areas with frequent natural disasters as a disaster emergency power supply; it is suitable for power supply in areas with unstable power or isolated islands and off-grid areas; it is suitable for non-electric areas such as border posts.

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