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5KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter

by Anern


AN-HSPS 5KW solar power supply system kit, is composed of solar panels, inverter, controller, batteries, cables, wifi monitoring modules and solar panel brackets. It adopts high-efficiency solar panels and MPPT controller, improving the conversion efficiency of solar energy. It can not only meet 24hours continuous power supply but also save electricity bills and protect the environment.

Package Content:

With 10pcs Solar Panel(350W),1pcs Solar Inverter(5.5Kw), 4pcs Gel Battery, Solar Panel Bracket, Cables, 3pcs Circuit Breaker and 1pcs Wifi Monitoring Module

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Anern 5kw solar system for home bulk order

Video of 5KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter


Key Features of 5KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter

  • The 5kw solar power supply system can supply power to households with unstable power supply or insufficient power supply to meet the daily use of household appliances and achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply.
  • The MPPT controller has high conversion efficiency and greatly improves the performance of the solar energy storage system.
  • Supplied with smart WIFI monitoring system, which can realize remote monitoring and operation through mobile phone APP.
  • Standardized protective packaging, suitable for arduous handling and long-distance transportation.


5KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter Description

This 5KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter can be installed anywhere, whether on the roof or in a remote location, the 5kw solar battery is easily connected to any electrical system. The Battery technology provides longer life and more cycles than lead acid batteries.

Our 5kw Complete Solar Panel System Kit is designed for those who want the best of both worlds. This kit includes the most popular solar panels, 5kw solar battery and inverters on the market today, yet still comes in at a competitive price point!

This is a complete solar panel kit for generating your own power. It includes a 5kw solar battery and Inverter to connect the system.  The system can be used for charging batteries for off-grid use or powering LED lights or home appliances. Find 5kw solar system for sale here! Contact us to get Anern solar product price of bulk order!


Specification of 5KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter

Rated Loads Capacity: 5.5KW

Power Generation: 17KWH-18KWH

Solar Panel: Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline

Battery: GEL Battery / LiFePo4 Lithium Battery

Controller: MPPT

Solar Panel Bracket: Roof / Ground type

Solar Panel Size: 1956*992*40 mm


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