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30kw Solar Power System Related Problems

1. Understand the 30kw solar power system


As environmental concerns grow, your business can transition to a commercial solar power system. The kilowatt rating refers to the energy output capability of a solar system under unshaded sunlight. However, bigger is not necessarily better, it depends on the individual needs of your site, operations and finances.


Solar power systems of around 30kW are a popular choice for low- and medium-energy commercial establishments. For SMEs investing in commercial solar, choosing the right solar system size to balance maximum electricity bill reduction with optimal cash flow is critical. Our 30kw solar power system efficiently provides the best output for large-scale commercial operations. We have solar power systems for sale of high quality. With the 30kw solar power system, you can not only save electricity bills but also shape yourself as a green business operator and win long-term goodwill for your business.


2. Problems related to 30kw solar power system


How much electricity will a 30kw solar power system generate? Taking into account the annual average, a typical 30kw solar power system is expected to generate around 120kW to 132kW per day. Factors such as the location of the property, shade from trees and buildings around the property, climatic conditions, weather conditions, the orientation of panels, and wear and tear can affect the output of the solar system.


What is the average payback period for a 30kw solar power system? The average payback period for a 30kw solar power system can be between 3 and 5 years. Few factors determine the payback period, such as the use of sunlight hours, and the type of electrical equipment used in the office or shed.


How much can I save from a 30kw solar power system? Equipping your business with a 30kw solar power system is considered a long-term investment with 10 to 15 years of results. The Australian grid is one of the most expensive in the world. Traditional grids may not be the most economical way to keep your business powered 24/7. A 30kw solar power system is an advantage for your business as it can greatly reduce your electricity bills and reduce your reliance on grid power.


Considering that an average of 120kW is generated per day, and assuming you pay the power company $0.25 per kilowatt-hour of electricity, a 30kw solar power system can help you save $30 per day if you consume all the electricity produced by the solar system. In this case, your annual savings would be about $10,950.

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