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A Solar Energy Generator for Home is the Energy Storage Solution

With the impact of the epidemic, we will often stay at home. We're all more dependent on the power-dependent power in our homes. Finding the right backup power source for your home is an important safety measure if the grid fails, is damaged, or if people are trapped in their homes. Two of the most popular electrical solutions are solar energy generators for homes and traditional gas generators. Each of these options has its advantages, but solar generators are more cost-effective, resilient and sustainable than traditional gas-fired generators.


1. Solar energy generator for home and gas generator


A successful backup power system should be reliable, durable and long-lasting. Batteries and solar generators have advantages over gas generators in terms of electrical duration. For example, if you connect a battery-powered generator to a solar system, it can continue to charge or store energy. The solar energy generator for home requires no maintenance, supervision or fuel. If you have solar power in your home, you can keep the solar system running during grid outages or use a solar energy generator for home.


Although the upfront cost of a solar energy generator for a home may be higher than a conventional generator, you can expect the total life cycle cost of a gas generator to equal or exceed that of a solar generator. Solar generators require little maintenance, while gas generators require annual maintenance to keep them running, safe and clean. If you connect a solar generator to a solar system, you can charge it for free using energy from the sun. With a gas generator, you need to buy fuel to power the machine.


2. Solar energy generator for home is the best energy storage solution


Pairing a solar system with a solar energy generator for home like a 5kw portable solar generator is a cost-effective, flexible, environmentally friendly and reliable home energy storage option for homeowners. Instead of charging the solar generator from the grid, you can generate and store electricity for free by connecting your solar panels to the generator. When the grid goes out, a home with a solar-plus-storage system can continue to generate and store electricity because the solar panels only need sunlight to generate electricity.


Combining battery storage products with solar arrays can even give your home indefinite backup power, just like a gas generator, but without the fuel costs, noise, and pollution. Your solar panels generate daily electricity that can be stored in batteries and used at night, providing a clean online way in the event of extreme weather events or grid outages.

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