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Classification and Benefits of All in One Integrated Solar Street Light

All in one integrated solar street light is a state-of-the-art solar lighting solution that integrates solar panels, charge controller, LED lights and batteries into one unit. These lamps are suitable for all climatic conditions. All-in-one solar street lights are becoming more and more popular due to their compact design and various other advantages.


I. Classification of all in one integrated solar street light


These all in one integrated solar street lights come in two types:


1. With Motion Sensor: This smart feature used in the all-in-one solar street light helps save energy and brings a sense of security to the property. If no motion is detected, the brightness of the light is automatically reduced by 20%. The motion sensors used in these lights are able to detect infrared waves emitted from moving objects (especially warmer objects) and electronically increase the brightness of the lights to 100%.


2. No motion sensor: The all-in-one solar street light without motion sensor operates in a time-based manner, the brightness of the light is 100% for the first four hours, and in the latter part of the night, the light is dimmed at the brightness.


II. Advantages of all in one integrated solar street light


1. Automatic: The infrared motion sensor in all in one integrated solar street light detects motion and lights the light. The light without the sensor runs at full brightness for a few hours and at a lower brightness later in the run time. Two types of all-in-one solar street lights operate automatically to keep your property safe.


2. Energy saving: Motion sensor and dimming options ensure long battery life.


3. Cost-effective: The all-in-one solar street light like an all in one solar street light with camera is completely powered by free solar energy, therefore, there is not much labor or operating cost, and the installation cost is lower because no cable work or electrical equipment is required. Labor and operating costs are also lower as the lights are powered entirely by solar energy.


4. Easy to install and maintain: Easy to install the structure without wiring and trained manpower.


5. Cheaper: The price of integrated solar street lights is relatively low. The small, lightweight design helps save on shipping and installation costs.


6. Weatherproof: Durable metal or ABS body and IP65 waterproof rating are used to resist extreme climate change.


The all-in-one solar street light can easily come up with lighting solutions. They come in different wattages and unique designs, and as technology advances, all in one integrated solar street light will be used more and more in the future.


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