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Comparison of Integrated Solar Led Street Light and Traditional Solar Street Light

1. Comparison of integrated solar led street light and traditional solar street light


The components of traditional solar street lights are the same as modern street lights, namely solar panels, controllers, lamps and batteries. Unlike their modern counterparts, the batteries used in traditional solar street lights are lead acid. Lead-acid batteries usually require a battery case that needs to be attached to the pole as a separate unit or buried in the ground near the pole to prevent it from overheating. The light fixture and solar panel are attached to the top of the pole, and the battery is attached to the bottom; therefore, a long cable will be used to connect the two.


The integrated solar led street light integrates the solar panel as a separate unit and controller, LED and battery into another unit. Since the panel is a self-contained unit, it can be adjusted according to the direction of sunlight to absorb maximum heat. One of the integrated models operates at 100% consistent brightness from dusk to dawn, which could be the perfect choice for a solar street light for areas that require nighttime lighting. Another type of integrated light works at full brightness for a few hours and then at a lower brightness for the rest of the night. This app extends battery life and the solar system can use this energy to keep running during cloudy days. Want to know more about integrated solar led street light? Anern solar light store could help you with that.


2. Why use integrated solar led street light?


The integrated solar street lights all use environmentally friendly, long-lasting lithium-ion or lithium iron phosphate batteries that extend product life and require no maintenance. Sleek, lightweight and compact, these lights make transport and installation effortless. Installation of an integrated solar led street light is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished with minimal human assistance and basic equipment. Due to their small size and integrated design, both lamps can be mounted on poles or walls. Integrated solar led street light helps extend the life of solar lighting installations with motion sensors and dimming capabilities.


The integrated solar led street light can be installed anywhere and anywhere, such as gardens, decks, driveways, highways, perimeters, paths, playgrounds, gazebos, parks and even remote areas, as long as the chosen area receives sufficient direct sunlight throughout the day. While the panels used by integrated solar led street light are limited by the size of the light fixture, larger capacity solar panels can be used in integrated solar led street light installations to last longer on winter nights. Many recent modern solar street light designs are affordable and affordable for everyone. The risk of theft and accident with integrated solar led street light is relatively small because all components of a modern solar street light are placed on the upper side of the light pole and there are no external wires or cables to connect the components, and there is no possibility of overheating. The integrated solar led street light is resistant to harsh weather conditions, waterproof, shockproof, rustproof and maintenance free.


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