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Development of Smart Solar Street Light

Intelligent lighting has become a trend in the lighting industry, attracting high attention from peers and society. Intelligent lighting, namely smart solar street light and smart cities, are not new concepts, but with government support, the wind of 5G, and mature technology, outdoor intelligent lighting will usher in another spring of lighting. Therefore, the market layout of smart solar street lights will undoubtedly be a precise layout for future outdoor lighting.

Main Functions of Smart Solar Street Light

The main functions of smart solar street light include: integration of intelligent functions; intelligent control and regulation of solar street lights, real-time data transmission of energy consumption; collection of intelligent data, central hub, and data platform; Internet of Things; safety warnings + information releases; city traffic recognition; signal base stations; monitoring base stations.

That is to say, smart solar street light is the largest entrance to smart cities at present and in the future. Combined with urbanized blocks divided by roads and buildings, smart solar street light has become the most abundant, widely distributed, and conveniently applied function and acquisition hub.

Today's smart solar street light is like conventional LED street lights in 2011, when many traditional outdoor lighting manufacturers were watching and trying. Even many industry experts were discussing that LED street lights were unsuitable for large-scale applications due to production processes, illuminance, and other reasons. However, with the characteristics of LED modules and the promotion of EMC energy management, LED street lights suddenly exploded in the market competition. Some well-known outdoor lighting companies today almost precisely positioned themselves and stood out in that year's market competition.

The Development of New Technologies Lays the Foundation for the Development of Smart Solar Street Light

Smart solar street light will become the "star" of the market, which is the basic application of informatization and dataization of the Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. It has opened the door to smart cities, and the introduction and support of policies by regional governments have solved the problem of market demand and the systematic integration of construction. The effective integration of pole manufacturing, lighting technology, IoT technology, and communication display technology has accelerated the construction of intelligent outdoor lighting. As mentioned above, outdoor intelligent lighting has become the core module of future urban construction. Therefore, the hardware technology, software technology, supply management, and market layout of smart solar street light have become the key to outdoor lighting for the next ten years.

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