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Energy-saving and Environmentally-friendly Smart Solar Street Light with Low Maintenance Costs

Smart Solar Street Light Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly

Smart Solar Street Light is composed of six components: solar panels, solar controllers, solar batteries, lamp poles, light sources, and accessories. The smart solar street light solution can provide a solar controller PCB board or a complete set of street light solutions. The principle of the smart solar street light solution is to transform the light source into a smart, environmentally friendly, perceptible, and interconnected smart microgrid through smart transformation. This new energy and environmental protection scheme has been highly recognized by the market. The conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) controller is replaced with a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller with high charging efficiency, and the high energy consumption sodium lamps are replaced with new lamps. An smart controller is installed on each lamp so that users can remotely control the switch, brightness, and automatic switch time of the street light, and achieve secondary energy-saving lighting according to needs. The devices connected to the controller can collect data, which can be obtained in real-time through wireless communication, and accurate calculations can be made to record and generate reports, facilitating expense statistics.

Low Maintenance and Repair Costs for Smart Solar Street Light

Compared with other ordinary street lights, the maintenance and repair costs of smart solar street light are lower. They require little post-installation maintenance, which saves costs for customers. Although the initial investment cost of traditional incandescent lamps or ordinary energy-saving lamps is low, the maintenance and repair costs in the later period are quite high. The installation cost of solar street lights is very low and there is no need for trenching and wiring, which saves more costs and effectively shortens the construction period. Once a fault occurs with the smart solar street light, the terminal will display the fault alarm information reported by the equipment, such as solar panel failure, LED no load, LED overcurrent, abnormal internal temperature, low battery voltage, etc. The fault is clear at first glance, making maintenance more convenient. Additionally, it can automatically adjust the load power based on the remaining battery power to avoid the phenomenon of not being able to turn on the lights due to insufficient battery power.

Wi-Fi Site of Smart Solar Street Light

Similar to communication base stations, it is just a more primary application. Large industrial parks, characteristic towns, and tourist areas are expected to be the first to apply it. Deployment like communication base stations will be a service upgrade for the entire society and will also be planned and managed by higher-level institutions. Besides, there are many practical values of smart solar street light that need us to continuously discover and verify.

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