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Function, Installation and Maintenance of Integrated Solar Led Street Light

1. Function of integrated solar led street light


Integrated solar led street light is known for its higher efficiency and smart operation. Most of the latest designs have solar panels as one unit and light fixtures with built-in batteries as a separate unit. Integrated lights that use lead-acid batteries have a battery compartment that must be attached to the light pole separately. Integrated solar led street lights are widely used to illuminate any large open space, including public roads and streets, parks, private gardens, parking lots, playgrounds, or any remote area without access to the grid.


The integrated solar led street light automatically turns on and off by sensing sunset and daylight. They are powered by solar panels, where photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into direct current and store the energy in batteries to power the lights at night. The controller acts as a regulator and controls reverse power flow. Integrated solar led street lights come in different wattages and designs. These lights are weatherproof and can withstand any type of climatic conditions. Most manufacturers and dealers offer an overall warranty of at least 1 to 2 years, and solar panels have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years.


2. Installation and maintenance of integrated solar led street light


The integrated solar led street light can be fixed either on a pole or on the wall. The solar panels and light fixtures must be attached to the arm before the pole, and then the arm is attached to the pole. If the light is attached to a pole, you should choose a flat surface to place the pole on. The pole can be fixed to the ground using concrete. Panels and fixtures are connected using the given wires. The installation process is very simple and can be done by following the manufacturer's instructions using basic tools and minimal labor.


The location where the integrated solar led street light is installed is critical, as the panels require maximum direct sunlight to operate throughout the night. Since the integrated solar led street light like a 120 led 60w solar street light takes the solar panel as an independent unit, the direction of the solar panel can be easily adjusted according to the direction of sunlight exposure during installation. If multiple integrated solar led street lights are installed, they must be fixed equidistantly to provide adequate brightness evenly across the area.


The integrated solar led street light is environmentally friendly and operates using superior integrated technology. Their functionality is fully automated in nature, so hardly any manual operation or maintenance is required after installation. Solar panels are usually fixed at an inclined angle to avoid water accumulation. Rain washes away most of the dirt that has built up on the solar panels; however, occasional basic cleaning and maintenance can help improve the efficiency and brightness of the lights.


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