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How Many Watts is the Village Solar Street Lamp Generally?

1. The introduction of the solar light for road


Solar energy is inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green and environmentally friendly energy. Solar street lightings are powered by crystal silicon solar batteries, and maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed batteries (collagen battery) storage electric energy. The ultra-bright LED lamps are used as light sources and controlled by intelligent charging and discharging controllers, which are used to replace street lamps for conventional public electric lighting.


The application scope of solar street lights is relatively wide. In addition to being used in rural areas, cities, scenic spots, factories and other roads, in fact, solar street lamps can also be used in rural home, but the configuration of street lamps is different depending on where they are used. Therefore, we are very curious about how many watts of village solar street lights? How many watts is suitable for household solar street lamps?


2. How many watts of village solar street lights


Due to the different places where solar street lights are installed, the lighting requirements that need to be achieved are different. For example, because the sunshine time is different in different areas, the width of rural roads is also different, some rural roads are 10 meters wide, and some are not, so in different cities, the height of the lamppost and the configuration of the solar street lights installed on rural roads are different, the rural areas usually use the 30W light with 6 meters light rod. If you want to find out what configuration of village solar light for road is suitable for your village, you can tell professionals the lighting requirements and the road width in your village, they will recommend you the suitable configuration.


In addition, most of the village solar street lights are the integrated solar street lights, which don't need the street light rod, and the home solar street light can be installed on the wall directly. And the solar street lights installed at home are not particularly demanding for lighting, so most of them are 10W solar street lights, but you can also select higher configuration according to actual demand.


Through the reading of the content, we have already known that village solar street lights in rural areas and solar street lights at home mostly use the street lights configuration of 10W to 30W. But this is not absolute, we can also choose larger configuration of street lights according to actual demand.

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