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How to Use LED Solar Integrated Lamp Correctly?

Photovoltaic energy is considered the most important new energy of the 21st century. Solar energy is an unlimited, inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free, and renewable green energy. Solar street lights have been developed for quite some time, and during this period, solar street lights have been installed in various places, from residential areas to parks and rural streets. Especially on some rough and muddy roads, it is more necessary to install solar street lights. Many people have difficulty choosing the price when choosing solar street lights. In fact, solar street lights are also a good choice.

With the development of solar street lights, LED solar integrated lamp has begun to appear in the market. However, many consumers do not know much about what LED solar integrated lamp is, and their characteristics and advantages.

Principle of LED solar integrated lamp

The working principle of traditional solar lights is basically the same, but what differentiates LED solar integrated lamp is that it is an integration of high-efficiency solar panels, ultra-long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LED, intelligent controllers, PIR human sensing modules, anti-theft mounting brackets and other components.

Advantages of LED solar integrated lamp

  • The biggest advantage of LED solar integrated lights is to save expensive installation, construction, and debugging costs, as well as transportation costs of products, usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional lights, or even less.

  • LED solar integrated lamp has an ultra-long life of 8 years and are the first to use lithium battery management and control technology. Compared with some ordinary battery products that need to be replaced every two years, the cost of after-sales service and component replacement of LED solar integrated lamp can be greatly reduced. There is no need to replace batteries or maintain them within 8 years. Even if they need to be replaced after 8 years, due to the unique product structure design, users can complete the replacement in just a few minutes without technical support or engineer guidance.

Precautions for LED solar integrated lamp

Generally, LED solar integrated lamp does not need to pay attention to anything, just avoid installing them in locations where there are tall trees or buildings that shade the sun. In addition, in the northern market (areas where the temperature is lower than 0 degrees for more than 10 days), it is necessary to choose a low-temperature model.

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