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Precautions for Installing Solar LED Lawn Lights

Whether in the park or on the grass on both sides of the street, we can often see all kinds of lawn lights, which not only provide lighting at night, but also beautify the environment of the park, and have a certain indicating effect. We should pay more attention to some aspects while installing solar lawn lights.


1. The advantages of solar LED lawn lights


(1) High brightness. Solar LED lawn lights use high-power LED light sources to provide sufficient energy. 

(2) High quality. Solar LED lawn lights are made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and sunlight aging. They are produced with advanced production equipment and undergo strict factory inspections to ensure that every solar lawn light produced by the company is the product with high quality and stability. 

(3) Long service life. The solar cell components of the solar LED lawn light have a life span of up to 10 years, and the life span of lamp can reach more than 10 years.


2. Controller of the solar LED lawn light


A complete solar LED lawn light controller should have two functions: 

(1) Function control. Solar lawn lights are used for decoration during the day and lighting at night on the lawns. According to different usage conditions, some need to work the whole night, and more work for 4 to 8 hours, so it must have the function of light control switch. 

(2) The protection function control, including the anti-recoil protection of the solar cell components, the overcharge protection of the battery, the overdischarge protection, the temperature compensation function, and the constant current drive of the LED.


3. Precautions when installing solar LED lawn lights


When installing the solar LED lawn light that is one of the solar energy solutions, open the lamp housing, install the power supply and other accessories. Lead the lead wire from the threading hole to the bottom of the lamp pole, and then connect the lamp cap to the lamp pole. Pay attention to tightening the fastening screws, and then align the flange of the lawn lamp with the screw of the foundation embedded part and stand vertically. Then tighten the mounting nut after leveling it with a nut or pad.


When installing and wiring solar lawn lights, there must be a safe and reliable grounding. Use a wire which is not shorter than the power distribution phase wire as the grounding wire to connect the metal shell of the lamp or lamp post, and the ground wire is connected to the "ground" of the system. The grounding electrode of the light pole must be welded firmly, and the joint should be tinned. When the PE protection wire of the street light power supply is connected to the ground wire of the light pole, the top must be pressed with a spring washer and then the nut must be screwed on.


Finally, when installing solar lawn lights, you must also pay attention to the spacing to achieve the best lighting effect, which can better save costs. Of course, the installation of lawn lights should be determined according to specific conditions. The installation of solar LED lawn lights needs to consider many issues. Users need to pay attention to choosing good quality tools when installing. The lawn is generally wet, so when choosing lamps, pay attention to having some precautions. After installing the solar LED lawn light, it can ensure a good installation effect, but also has a safety effect, so that the use effect can be better displayed.

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