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Precautions for off Grid Solar Power Systems

Nowadays, the installation and use of off grid solar power generation systems are very common. Using this device can not only achieve environmental protection, but also solve the electricity problem in remote areas without electricity. Solar off grid power supply systems have a wide range of uses, from people's daily use of electricity to public facilities, as well as communications, emergency power supplies, etc., and more importantly, it solves the problem of electricity use in areas where the grid cannot supply power. What issues should be paid attention to during system installation?


1. The azimuth and tilt angle of the off grid solar power system


In different seasons, corresponding adjustments to the orientation of the solar cell array will result in a correspondingly larger amount of power generation. In different seasons, the peak insolation intensity in each azimuth will be different. Generally speaking, when the lower array is facing due south, the solar cell generates the most power. As with the azimuth angle, in the design and installation of off grid solar power systems, constraints on the inclination angle of the roof and the inclination angle of snow falling and drainage of photovoltaic solar energy should also be considered. The best inclination angle for solar energy production in a year is related to the local geographic latitude. When the latitude is higher, the corresponding inclination angle is also large.


2. Battery connection of off grid solar power system


For practical applications of solar cells, it is necessary to arrange the single solar cells in a certain way so that the components have a specific output voltage and power. The integrated solar cell array output is connected to the input of the solar cell control system to meet the requirements of electrical equipment. The power requirements. The battery terminal of the off grid solar power system should be firm, and the polarity should be paid attention to when installing. To avoid explosion and fire, it is best to find professional installers to install and connect. If you want to buy off grid solar power system, then Anern solar online store would be a good choice.


3. Controllers and inverters of off grid solar power systems


Although the controller generally has corresponding power distribution protection measures, during the wiring process, attention should be paid to prevent reverse polarity, short circuit, etc., to avoid unnecessary troubles. If the controller of your off grid solar power system does not have a waterproof function, you must pay attention to the angle and location when choosing to place it to avoid rainwater.


The main function of the solar inverter is to invert the direct current of the battery into alternating current. Through the full bridge circuit, a sinusoidal alternating current that matches the frequency and rated voltage of the lighting load is obtained for use by the end users of the system. When connecting the inverter, it must be connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery, not to the output terminal of the controller. Generally, the controller output of off grid solar power systems defaults to DC output, and the built-in protection is also for DC loads. Since the inverter will be unstable with an AC load, it is recommended to connect it to the battery, and it needs to be loaded with necessary power distribution protection to ensure the safety of the system.

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