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Solar Energy Inverter in Emerging Markets


1. The solar energy inverter is closely connected with the solar energy system

The solar energy inverter plays an important role in the solar power generation system. It is an important factor in determining the capacity of solar cells and storage batteries. The higher the quality of the inverter, the more electricity it converts. Sunny nations around the world need more and more energy to power their developing economies. In reality, much more energy is needed than is actually available, and the situation is complicated by sharp increases in electricity prices for conventional energy sources.

The solar energy inverter not only converts direct current into alternating current, but also has the function of maximizing solar battery performance and system failure protection. In summary, there are automatic operation and shutdown functions, maximum power tracking control functions, anti-individual operation functions, automatic voltage adjustment functions, DC detection functions, and DC grounding detection functions. These functions make the solar energy market develop better and better.

2. How does on grid solar inverter work?

Inverters convert DC power to AC power so that power can be fed into the grid. The on grid solar inverter (GTI) must use a local oscillator to synchronize with the frequency of the grid (such as 50 or 60 Hz) and limit the voltage to no higher than the grid voltage. A good on grid solar inverter has a fixed combined power factor, which means that its output voltage and current are perfectly lined up, and its phase angle is less than 1 degree on the AC grid. The on grid solar inverter has a built-in calculator, which can sense the current AC grid waveform and output the voltage corresponding to the grid.

However, supplying reactive power to the grid may be necessary in order to keep the voltage in the local grid within permissible limits. Otherwise, the voltage level may rise too much when the on grid solar inverter sends a large amount of power into the grid, that is, when the sun is strong at noon. The on grid solar inverter can also quickly disconnect from the grid if the grid voltage drops. This ensures that in the event of a power outage, the grid-tie inverter will shut down, preventing the energy it transmits from causing harm to any workers dispatched to repair the grid. When properly configured, an on grid solar inverter allows homeowners to use alternative generation systems such as solar or wind without extensive rewiring and battery power.

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