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Solar Inverter is the Key Component of Power Generation System

1. The key component of power generation system is solar inverter


The inverter is also known as the power adjustment and power regulator, which is an indispensable part of the photovoltaic system. The main function of the solar power inverter is to convert the DC electricity produced by solar panels into AC power used in home appliances. All electricity produced by solar panels must be processed by the inverter to output. Because of the diversity of buildings, it inevitably leads to the diversity of solar panel installation. In order to achieve the highest conversion efficiency of solar energy while taking into account the beautiful appearance of the building, it requires the diversification of our inverters to achieve the best way of solar energy conversion.


The solar electric inverter is the key component of the whole solar power generation system. It can directly control the current, voltage and power output of the solar power generation system. In addition, the operation and shutdown of solar power supply system, and the maximum power tracking and limiting of this system are controlled by solar inverters. Almost most of the functional control of the solar generator is completed by the inverter.


2. The main category of solar inverters


According to the scope of application, solar power inverters can be divided into ordinary inverters, reverse control integrated machines, special inverters for communication, and so on. In addition, the category of inverters can also be distinguished according to the output current waveform. The current output of the inverter can be square waves, trapezoidal waves or sine waves. For some complete inverters, the current output shape can be adjusted, that is, an inverter can output a variety of different currents. In addition, there are other ways to divide inverters. For example, according to the frequency of the current, they can be divided into low frequency inverters, medium frequency inverters and high frequency inverters. And they can also be divided according to the circuit form of the inverter. Anern solar inverter is a great choice for you if you want to buy solar inverter online.


3. Main performance parameters of solar electric inverters


There are many main performance parameters of solar inverters. The first consideration should be the application environment of the inverter. The solar controller includes the application temperature and the altitude. In addition, the rated output voltage of the inverter is also the main performance reference index when purchasing. Most of the output voltage of the solar power generation system has voltage fluctuations. Some instruments are more accurate and require small voltage fluctuations. Most inverters have voltage fluctuations between 3% and 5%.

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