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Solar Street Lamp and Ordinary Street Lamp Life Comparison

With the growing shortage of traditional energy, solar energy as a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly energy is a good choice. At present, most street lights on the market are solar street lights, but it also raises one of the biggest concerns about solar power: how is the service life of solar energy street lights compared with that of ordinary street lights?


1. Know the solar light for road


Solar street lightings are powered by crystal silicon solar batteries. The maintenance valve controlled sealing battery (collagen battery) to store electrical energy. Ultra-bright LED lamps are used as light sources and controlled by intelligent charging and dischargiing controllers, which are used to replace traditional street lamps for public power lighting. There is no need to lay cables and no need to AC power supply, and there are no electricity costs. Adopt DC power supply and control; It has the advantages of good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economy and practicality, etc. You could also do solar street light online shopping, which is quite convenient and low-cost.


2. Understand the comparison of solar energy street lights and ordinary street lights


The life of solar street lightings is much longer than that of ordinary electric lamps, and the service life of solar battery components is 25 years; The average life expectancy of low-voltage sodium lamps is 18,000 hours; The average life of low-pressure and high-efficiency triple-color energy saving lamps is 6000 hours; The average life of ultra-bright LED lights is more than 50,000 hours; The life of special batteries for solar energy is 2 to 5 years below 38AH and 3 to 7 years for 38AH to 150AH. In short, the investment saving feature of solar street lights is quite obvious in overall comparison.


In the solar power supply system, the performance of the battery directly affects the comprehensive cost, the good or bad operation of the system and the service life. Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, it has the following outstanding features in design and manufacturing process: The service life is super long, can be five to ten years under normal conditions. Adopt suitable positive and negative alloy formulation and ratio of active substance to make the battery more suitable for the characteristic of energy storage battery cycle charging and discharging. The design of gelled electrolyte can effectively inhibit the derusting of active substances and the sulfation of the plate, thus delaying the performance degradation of the battery in the process of using, which greatly improve the battery deep charge and discharge cycle life.


Our investigation found that solar lights for road not only have longer service life than the ordinary street lamps, but also don't need a lot of later maintenance costs. The investment of solar street lamps is much less than that of ordinary street lamps, and its failure rate is low, which is indeed energy-saving and convenient.

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