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The Infinite Benefits of Highway Solar Street Lighting

Solar energy is gaining popularity around the world as a reliable source of street lighting. Some of the benefits associated with solar street lights include reducing reliance on conventional energy sources, saving energy and reducing reliance on the national grid. In sunny countries, solar lights are the best option for illuminating streets, gardens, parks and other public spaces.


Today, highway solar street light is powered by photovoltaic panels, built-in batteries, LED lights and smart sensors, all integrated in one compact unit. Solar LED Street lights have become a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to illuminate roads and public spaces. LED highway solar street lights are widely recognized for their advantages of energy saving, durability and maintenance-free. These properties make LED-based solar street lights ideal for commercial and home lighting applications.


1. The main features of highway solar street light


Modern highway solar street light has built-in solar panels, lithium ion batteries, battery management system, night and motion sensors and automatic control, fully automatic equipment. It comes with LEDs, built-in and replaceable lithium-ion battery and passive infrared (PIR) sensor. Typical solar street lights sold in Anern solar supply store are weatherproof, waterproof, low in fluke rate, low in glare, and long in life. Embedded solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in built-in batteries for dusk-to-dawn lighting operation. The main innovation of modern solar street lights is the battery management system, facilitated by the presence of night and motion sensors.


The highway solar street light works with average lumen brightness during the first 5 hours of the night. The light intensity is then reduced until dawn, or until the PIR sensor is activated by human motion. When someone is within a certain range from the light, it will automatically turn to full brightness. This smart feature makes solar street light installations the perfect combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


2. The endless benefits of highway solar street light


Compared with traditional street lights, highway solar street lights require little maintenance. With no external wires, these lights pose no threat of accidents such as electrocution, strangulation, and overheating. In fact, regardless of power outages and grid failures, the solar lights will illuminate the streets all night.


Highway solar street light delights environmentalists around the world because it can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of individuals, homes and businesses. In other words, highway solar street light is a perfect green lighting solution. In terms of cost, if capital and operation and maintenance costs are considered, solar street lights are a better investment than traditional street lights.

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