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The Use of Solar Inverters in Household

Ⅰ. The introduction of solar inverter for home


The main function of solar inverter for home price is to convert DC (battery, DC power supply, etc.) to AC. People usually use AC in daily life, but the electricity produced by solar energy is DC and it can't be used directly. The solar inverter is equivalent to a current conversion device, the current it generates can be used in different fields (home/industry/office, etc.). If we use solar energy systems in our house, the selection and installation of inverters are very important. It is an indispensable device in the solar power generation system.


Household solar inverters are useful when your appliances are powered by AC (usually DC 12V or 24V) from batteries (120Vac or 240Vac 50Hz or 60Hz). The solar power inverter for house is a device that converts DC voltage source into AC voltage source. When the city is electrical power losing, the inverter can be used as a backup power source for the household load to ensure that your daily life is not affected by the power outage.


Solar inverters for home can be divided into many types according to different features. According to the output waveform, they can be divided into pure sine wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters and square wave inverters; According to the output frequency, they can be divided into power frequency inverters and high frequency inverters; According to the output phase number, they can be divided into single-phase inverters and three-phase inverters; According to whether it is connected with the power grid, they can be divided into off-grid inverters and grid-connected inverters. According to installation ways, they can be divided into wall-mounted inverters and vertical type inverters.


Ⅱ. Understand the use of solar inverters for home price


1. Strictly follow the requirements of the inverter's maintenance instructions to connect and install the equipment. When installing, you should carefully check whether the line diameter meets the requirements, whether the parts and terminals are loose during transportation, whether the insulation is well, and whether the grounding of the system complies with regulations.


2. It should be operated and used in accordance with the operation and maintenance instructions of the inverter strictly. Especially before starting, we should pay attention to whether the input voltage is normal, during operation, we should pay attention to whether the sequence of switch machine is correct, and whether the direction of the head and indicator light is normal.


3. Solar power inverters for house generally have automatic protection of circuit breaking, over current, over voltage, overheating, etc. Therefore, in the occurrence of these phenomena, there is no need to shutdown them manually. The protection point of the automatic protection is generally set before delivery, which is no need to be adjusted.


4. There is high pressure inside the inverter cabinet. Generally, the operator is generally not allowed to open the cabinet door, the cabinet door should usually be locked.


5. When the room temperature exceeds 30 °C, heat dissipation and cooling measures should be taken to prevent the device from failing, and to prolong the service life of the device.

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