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What Are the Advantages of Solar Garden Lights? How to Install Them?

Solar garden lights, as the name suggests, are lighting fixtures for gardens, that is, a kind of outdoor lighting fixtures. Under normal circumstances, it refers to the lighting fixtures on outdoor roads below 6 meters. Its main components include 5 parts: light source, light pole, lamp, flange, and foundation embedded parts. With the development of society, solar garden lights on the market today are very rich and diverse, which have the characteristics of beautifying and decorating the environment. However, most people will not notice solar garden lights. In fact, this kind of light is also very popular. So what are the advantages of solar garden lights? How is the solar garden light installed?


1. The advantages of solar garden lights


(1) The solar powered yard lights are green and environmentally friendly, with high safety factor, low operating power, no hidden safety hazards, and can be recycled and used, with little pollution to the environment.

(2) The light irradiated by the solar power light for gardens is soft and not dazzling, without any light pollution, and does not produce other radiation.

(3) The solar garden light has a long service life. The semiconductor chip emits light, and the cumulative service life can reach tens of thousands of hours, which is often higher than that of ordinary garden lights.

(4) The use efficiency of solar powered yard lights is high, which effectively converts solar energy into light energy. Compared with ordinary lights, it converts heat energy into light energy, and the efficiency is several times higher.


2. How to install solar garden lights?


The installation of solar panel of solar garden light: Determine the inclination angle of the solar panel according to the local latitude, weld the bracket with 40*40 galvanized angle steel, and fix the bracket on the side wall with expansion screws. Weld a steel bar with a diameter of 8mm on the support, the length is 1 to 2 meters, and the support is connected to the lightning protection belt on the roof with steel bars. Punch holes in the bracket, and fix the battery panel on the bracket with 8MM or 6MM stainless steel screws.


The installation of controller of solar powered yard lights:

(1) A special controller for solar energy power source is adopted. When connecting the wire, first connect the battery terminal on the controller, then connect the photovoltaic panel wire, and finally connect the load terminal.

(2) Be sure to pay attention to the battery. The photovoltaic panels and load + and-poles cannot be reversed, and the photovoltaic panels and battery cables cannot be short-circuited. The controller is placed in the lamp post, fixed with bolts, and the upper door of the lamp post is locked.


The wiring of solar powered yard lights:

(1) All the connecting wires used are threading pipes, which can be led down from the roof of the building, and can be led down from the threading well, or from the floor along the downpipe. Use a 20mm threading pipe for underground wiring, and use pipe joints, elbows, and tees for the connection of the threading pipe to be sealed with glue.

(2) Connect with metal water supply hose in special places to make it waterproof. Most connecting wires use BVR2*2.5mm2 sheathed wire.

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