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What Are the Benefits of Solar Park Lights?

Solar park lights are a sustainable solution for safer and more attractive community spaces. It is an intuitive, smart lighting solution powered by solar energy with a wireless control system that allows you to configure it from anywhere in the world. Advanced, sustainable solar lighting technology enables you to create ambient community spaces with more activity and engagement, bringing public spaces to life. Solar park lights can be used in sports facilities including oval and club rooms, playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gyms, or off-leash dog areas or amenities.


I. How do solar park lights work?


Solar park lights are a sustainable lighting solution that saves electricity by dimming the brightness down to 30% when there is no activity. This provides enough background light for safety and enough low light on passageways to keep the community lit, rather than isolating public spaces in the dark.


When any significant movement is detected, be it a vehicle or a pedestrian entering the protected area, the unit switches to 100% output, providing enough light to identify hazards on the pathway to stop unnecessary hazards. Solar park lights are controlled via wireless remote technology and feature off-site wireless control, allowing users to remotely monitor and configure lighting systems from anywhere in the world.


II. The benefits of solar park lights


1. Cost-effective energy-saving solutions. Smart solar park lighting offers huge economic savings and requires no underground wiring or expensive staff to install.


2. Improve the comfort and activity of the community. Solar parking lot lights help to create a safer, more attractive environment and increase the possible use time of the protected area.


3. Improve community safety and satisfaction. Solar park lights help ensure greater community safety. Improved lighting creates an environment and welcoming shared community space that increases activity and engagement while reducing crime rates.


4. Huge economic advantage, installation of solar park lights does not require underground wiring or expensive staff.


5. Install anywhere, turnaround time is very fast due to the easy installation of solar park lights, lower pole technology.


6. Increase the number of times the reserve is used, solar park lights help to create a safer, healthier and warmer environment.

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