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What Are the Characteristics of Solar Powered Led Landscape Lights?

The solar system does not need to be buried in the ground, each solar system is independent. The solar powered led landscape lights are simple in structure, easy to maintain and not easily affected by battery life. Generally, it can be used for more than ten years after installation. One of the big advantages of solar powered led landscape lights is that they are more environmentally friendly. Now that the solar system is relatively mature, you can choose some products that are beneficial to nature and be responsible for yourself.


I. Characteristics of solar powered led landscape lights


The basic structure of solar powered led landscape lights is to place the electroluminescent semiconductor material on the lead frame and then seal it with epoxy resin to protect the inner core wire and have good shock resistance.


Solar powered led landscape lights can achieve a more perfect dimming function. Due to the large operating range, its light output is proportional to the operating current, which can be dimmed by reducing the current. In addition, since frequent switching does not damage it, the dimming of solar powered led landscape lights can also be achieved by pulse width adjustment, that is, the luminous intensity of the LED can be effectively adjusted by adjusting the voltage ratio and operating frequency.


Solar powered led landscape lights to have various characteristics of solar energy and semiconductor LED, mainly composed of the LED light source, solar panel, solar cell module, maintenance-free green battery, controller, light pole, lampshade and other accessories. Independent power supply during installation, no need to pre-embed cables, saving investment in transformers, power distribution cabinets, cables, etc. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and beautiful, and the installation is convenient and safe.


II. Select solar powered led landscape lights


Solar powered led landscape lights are indispensable in our life, more and more landscape lights appear in our sight. With the progress and development of the times, the appearance and performance of solar powered led landscape lights have been improved, and the diversity of styles makes us not know how to choose.


1. When choosing solar powered led landscape lights, they should be designed according to the actual decoration style. Aluminium and cast iron materials tend to be more European style, steel is more popular, the structure is strong, and the appearance is relatively simple and atmospheric.


2. Generally speaking, the manufacturer of solar powered led landscape lights will explain to you the relevant performance characteristics and instructions of landscape lights before you buy. In many places where it is often windy, it is recommended that you choose steel landscape lights. Because the support and wind resistance of this type of landscape light is relatively high, even if the typhoon is very strong, it will not cause much damage.


3. The aluminium process of solar powered led landscape lights is relatively complicated, and the cost of material use and production process is relatively high.

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