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What Are the Restrictive Factors for the Installation of the Solar Energy Street Light?

Solar energy is an inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy source. So now street lights basically use solar street lights. Solar street lights use natural light sources in nature to reduce electrical energy consumption, which is pollution-free and non-radiation, and conforms to the modern green environmental protection concept. And now there is special solar supply store, you can go to the supply store to buy street lights. So where is the solar street light purchased from the solar supply store suitable for? What are the constraints during installation?


Ⅰ. The application of the solar energy street light


The solar energy street light is beautiful in appearance, flexible and convenient to install. It is convenient for users to choose and adjust the capacity of the solar street light according to their own needs. There is no electricity bill. It is suitable for urban roads, communities, industrial parks, squares, tourist attractions, parks, rural roads and remote areas. It can also be used in areas with low population density, inconvenient transportation, few conventional fuels, and abundant sunlight resources. In addition, the emergence of the solar energy street light has solved the lighting problems in remote areas, making life easier for residents in those areas. Knowing the scope of application of solar street lights, if you want to buy it, you can go to a solar supply store.


Ⅱ. What are the restrictive factors for the installation of the solar energy street light?


1. The installation of solar street lights should be combined with the environment. Due to structural limitations, the appearance of solar street lights is difficult to adapt to the surrounding environment. In practical applications, it is difficult to see solar street lights with exquisite appearances. 


2. Pay attention to environmental interference factors when installing solar energy street light. For example, the shadow of buildings or trees. As we all know, even if a solar panel of a solar street light is blocked, the performance of its entire component will be basically lost. 


3. Pay attention to terrain factors when installing the solar energy street light. The installation of the solar street light cage must be level with the ground, and it must be installed close to the ground. If there is a gap between the flange and the ground cage installation, it will easily affect the overall life of the street lamp.

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