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What is a LED Solar Integrated Lamp?

1. What is the LED solar integrated lamp


The LED solar integrated lamp is an integrated design, and the traditional solar street light is a split type that is very common in the market. The split type using lead-acid batteries is usually called the first generation of traditional solar street lights, that is, solar energy, the LED lights and batteries are installed separately. The LED solar integrated lamp fully solves the complex structure of traditional solar street lights. It is a solar street light that integrates solar panels, batteries (using ultra-long-life iron-lithium batteries with a cycle life of more than 2000 times), ultra-bright LED lights, intelligent controllers and other additional functional components.


The LED solar integrated lamp has the advantages of the traditional solar street light structure installation and life maintenance. The LED solar integrated lamp products are characterized by simple installation, light weight, small size, etc. with the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance. They are installed on various traffic roads, auxiliary roads, residential roads, courtyards, mining areas, places where electricity is not easily accessible, park, parking lots and rural areas, etc. to provide road lighting at night. The solar panel charges the battery for lighting.


2. Advantages of the LED solar integrated lamp


The LED solar integrated lamp uses an integrated design, which is simple, stylish, light and practical; it uses solar power to save energy and protect the earth's resources; the LED solar all-in-one light uses human infrared induction control technology. The light lights up when people come and dimms when people go, and the lighting time is extended; the LED solar integrated light uses high-capacity long-life lithium batteries to ensure the life of the product, generally up to 8 years of life; no cables are required, and the installation is extremely convenient; waterproof structure which is safe, reliable and easy to expand timing and sound control and other functions; LED solar integrated light adopts modular design concept, which is easy to install, maintain and repair; it uses alloy material as the main structure, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions.

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