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What is the Working Principle of Solar Powered Led Landscape Lights?

1. The working principle of solar powered led landscape lights


Solar powered led landscape lights are one of the types of solar led street lights. The advantages of solar led street lights are very large. Solar street lights use solar power, battery storage, and the controller to control the charge and discharge of the battery to work. The controller is divided into two types: light control and time control. During the day, when the sun shines on the surface of the solar cell, the electric energy generated by the solar cell charges the battery through the controller. At night, the light gradually weakens, and the working voltage and working current of the solar cell continues to decrease. When the working voltage is less than the set voltage of the controller, the controller starts to start the load, and the solar street lamp lights up at this time. When the set time is reached or the ambient light is too strong, the controller automatically turns off the load and the solar battery starts to charge. This cycle continues.


When we use solar powered led landscape lights, we will encounter rain, snow, thunder and lightning. At this time, solar powered led landscape lights can be used normally, and the battery has the ability to store electrical energy. Even if the panels can convert more electrical energy, if the battery cannot store it, it will be wasted. Therefore, Tenghui Optoelectronics must have sufficient storage capacity, which is mainly combined with solar panels. It is generally believed that the higher the storage capacity, the better.


To sum up, the prerequisites for these solar powered led landscape lights are that the LED efficacy must be high, the quality of the solar powered led landscape lights must be very qualified, and the LED luminous flux generally exceeds 200Lm/W. By then, light pipes, remote phosphors and liquid cooling technology will continue to advance, illustrating that people gain new ways to manufacture LED lights, which will create new and more competitive lighting products in the future.


2. The difference between LED garden lights and solar powered led landscape lights


Solar powered led landscape lights are more concerned with the appearance of lamps and the characteristics of night scene lighting effects. Garden lights are more concerned about the simplicity of the appearance of lamps and the effect of night lighting.


The appearance selection of solar powered led landscape lights and garden lights should be coordinated with the garden style or theme. The distance between landscape lights is generally 15-20 meters, which is determined according to the size and illuminance of the lamps.


The layout of courtyard lights in the community should be avoided as far as possible near the residents on the first floor, so as not to cause light disturbance to the residents.


Garden light is a type of outdoor lighting, that usually refers to outdoor road lighting below 6 meters, its main components are a light source, lamps, light poles, flanges, and basic embedded parts.


Solar powered led landscape lights have the characteristics of diversity, beauty and beautification and decoration of the environment. They are mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places. Spend time outdoors and increase the safety of your property.

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