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Why Does Solar Roadway Light Work Even in Rainy Days?

1. The emergence of solar roadway light


Many energy sources on earth are finite, but some are renewable, such as solar, wind, tidal energy, and more. In this social background that vigorously advocates environmental protection and energy conservation, solar roadway light has been vigorously developed. The working principle of solar roadway light is to convert solar energy into electricity, and then realize the purpose of lighting. Solar energy is inexhaustible and will not cause any pollution to the earth's environment. Therefore, solar roadway light has the advantages of environmental protection, which can bring powerful help to the construction of municipal engineering for the sales of real estate.


2. Why can solar roadway light work even in rainy days?


As we all know, the working principle of solar roadway light is mainly to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery after receiving solar energy during the day, and then wait until the night to supply power through the battery to achieve the effect of lighting. But there is no sun on cloudy and rainy days, will solar roadway light not work? I believe that many people have had this doubt. If the solar energy cannot work on rainy days, it will be very inconvenient. But now many solar roadway lights work will be affected by rainy days, it can be set.


Whether solar roadway light can work in rainy days mainly depends on the setting parameters of "number of rainy days". The number of cloudy and rainy days refers to the number of days that the solar roadway light like an all in one led solar street light can illuminate normally in the case of continuous cloudy days or rain. When the value exceeds the original set value, the solar roadway light can no longer work normally.


Under normal circumstances, the default number of rainy days by the manufacturer is three days, but if you have higher demand when purchasing, there are also solar roadway lights with a default number of five to seven days. In cloudy and rainy days, although the solar roadway light cannot actively receive solar energy, the originally stored electric energy can maintain normal operation for a period of time. Solar roadway light can work in rainy days. However, no matter what brand of solar roadway light is, it cannot work normally under long-term cloudy and rainy conditions, so this ability is limited. Don't get it wrong. When purchasing solar roadway light, it must be determined according to the situation where you live.


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