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40W Integrated Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

by Anern


AN-SLZ 40W Integrated outdoor led solar street Light is the latest patented product designed by Anern. This series of products is made with the goal of creating a most cost-effective solar street light for engineering projects. Compared with traditional solar street light, this series solar street lights mainstream integrated structure design, which saves transportation cost, is easy to install and transport, and convenient for maintenance.

Package Content:

1 x 40W Solar Street Light,1 x bag of Screws,1 x Remote Control,1 x User Manual,(1 x Wifi Camera )

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Anern 40w solar street light price of bulk order

Video of 40W Integrated Outdoor Led Solar Street Light


Key Features of 40W Integrated Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

  • Integrated structure designed, strong mechanical rigidity, withstand 16-level typhoon.
  • Using high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, with conversion efficiency as high as 22%, the power generation output is greater under the same condition.
  • The brand-new deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate battery, with the complete cycles as high as at least 2000 times, the use is safe and stable, and the service life is up to 8 years.
  • Independently developed BMS system to protect the battery well and ensure the battery long-term safe and stable operation.


40W Solar Street Light Description

This led solar street lamp 40w is a high-quality, reliable and inexpensive product. With integrated solar panel, this 40w solar street light can be installed anywhere without the requirement of wiring. 

Solar street light 40w can be an important factor in protecting your family and property. This 40w solar street light only requires minimal maintenance making it an easy choice for consumers. Save money on your electricity bill with these efficient lights! Contact us to get 40w solar street light price of bulk order now! Find more integrated solar street light for sale here!


Anern led solar street lamp 40w
Anern 40w solar street light

Specification of 40W Integrated Outdoor Led Solar Street Light









LiFePo4 Battery


Mono Solar Panel


Solar Charging Time

6-8 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting Time In Rainy Day

7-10 days

Lighting Mode

12hrs motion sensor control (Bright lighting 30secs when people move through the light) + Remote Controller


120°, >8m


Aluminium alloy + PMMA

IP / IK Class

IP66 / IK 10

Work Temperature

-25 ℃ to 65℃

Package Dimension

Gross Weight




Applications of 40W Integrated Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

Ideal for illuminating areas without electrity such as streets, parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, highways, trails, and general areas, etc.

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