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Are Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights Worth Choosing?

Are solar powered parking lot lights worth choosing? Yes, with no carbon emissions, nothing to burn, no electricity to consume (except for solar, obviously). Solar powered parking lot lights are worth the investment because solar powered parking lot lights save companies and cities thousands of dollars while reducing our overall carbon footprint.


I. Reasons why solar powered parking lot lights are worth choosing


1. The biggest hidden cost of lighting installations is the trenching of lamps. So the benefits of solar powered parking lot lights are worth the investment because you can skip all the hassle. You skipped trenching, relocation, unsightly construction, and the time span that basically closed the lot. Plus, you save the money you need to do all this hassle. A solar project saves customers a lot of money.


2. Improve the safety of the parking lot. Night parking lots can be an important target for criminals and vandals, but using solar powered parking lot lights can reduce crime and help pedestrians feel safer at night. These solar powered parking lot lights don't need to be turned on manually, integrated sensors turn them on when light levels start to drop, then they turn off to save battery life and charge during the day.


3. More environmentally friendly. Green energy is all the rage lately. An energy crisis is imminent, and every day the crisis is approaching a global shortage. Thankfully, using solar energy is one way to solve this problem. Think about every public light in the world that uses energy every night. How much energy is consumed every day is unfathomable, even for public lighting. Public lighting accounts for 7% of our total global carbon footprint. This is sure to lead to global warming, and look at how erratic our weather patterns have been over the past few decades. Investing in solar parking lot lights with pole is worth it because it helps you contribute to green initiatives, save energy for the future while protecting us and our environment.


II. How long does it take to install solar powered parking lot lights in the parking lot?


Each solar powered parking lot light takes about an hour on average, and you can install an entire parking lot with 20 lights in a weekend, maybe even in a day, depending on the lot where they are installed and the size of the crew. Solar powered parking lot lights are a viable long-term parking lot investment that saves companies time and money up front.


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